Famestagrammers: Levon Lock


Next up in the 250gram igers hall of fame is Jozi-based Levon Lock, whose 136,000 Instagram followers might just let on that his talent for pushing the boundaries of iPhoneography is anything but meagre. Armed only with his iPhone and a rare ability to recognise beauty in the ordinary, Levon manages to transform grungey urban scenes into a resonating commentary on city life in South Africa. While Levon’s Instagram feed reveals that he’s rather partial to escaping the metropolis from time to time, we know him best for his spacious, sparsely-populated cityscapes and spectrally-lit street scenes.


Pets of Instagram

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 12.30.43 PM#FalafelsTheCat – her mom is @brandslut

Conventional wisdom would suggest that opposable thumbs, an IQ score higher than 70 and an affinity for smartphone technology post-2010 are basic prerequisites for becoming an Instagram superstar, yet the social network’s legion of four-legged users have proven that a plush, furry pelt and an obliging, doting human are more than sufficient to achieve insta-fame. We asked some of you who your favourite pets to follow on Instagram are and we couldn’t resist sharing the ones that made us go all googly-eyed:


Vukile Batyi’s Beaded iPhone Cases


After days of jealously frothing over the Twitter feed flooding from lucky Design Indaba conference attendees, we decided to head down to the CTICC to check out some of the design talent at the Design Inbaba expo, which has grown to be the biggest curated design event in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you’re planning to brave the parking palava and jostling crowds this weekend (make like a good little sardine and swim downstream – trust us on this, it is not easy to move in there without getting whacked in the torso by oversized tote bags and bloggers wielding SLRs), be sure to visit Vukile Batyi’s stand in the emerging creatives section: probably our favourite for this year’s expo.


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