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Zana & The Business of Instagram

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Zana banner collab with @emmajanenation – ‘Turn Down For What’

Zana products are one of our favourite South African brands to follow on Instagram cos they just get it so damn right! They have us lustin’ over their products – from their new banner collab with blogger Emma-Jane Harbour, to their cutest pillow covers, DIY copper magazine stands & cat sprinkle bowls. We caught up with the Zana girls to talk all things business, creative as well as their greatest extravagances!


The Counter, Foodstagrams & The Business of Instagram

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Salted caramel sauce, a brownie, two blocks of fudge, a Rocky Road bar, a raspberry marshmallow, coconut ice, strawberry and lemon cordial and a tiny bottle of craft vodka, gin or chilli vodka.

You know that feeling when it’s lunch time and you’re really hungry, haven’t packed or planned anything inspiring to eat, you’re scrolling through Instagram and suddenly you’re hangry? For those who don’t know, hanger is a mixture of hunger and anger that is usually brought on by the sight of totally delicious looking food, and on Instagram the main culprits are usually Jason Bakery doussants, Paul Ballen’s ice-cream, and then of course there is The Counter which kind of has a bit of a cult followin’ in Johannesburg and on Instagram. Started 3 years ago by Meg & her partner Ian they have been producing some must-have-in-my-life-right-now kinda sweet treats, just scroll through the post to get a little taste, oh and follow them on Instagram @The_Counter

We caught up with Meg to talk about licking the bowl (she’s actually sick of if), the business of Instagram, her favourite South African bloggers and peanut butter fudge that is like sex!


Paul Ballen & The Business of Instagram

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 Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce Drizzling

Paul Ballen (@Paul_Ballen on Instagram) isn’t known as the ‘Ice Cream King’ for nothing, we’ve sampled his ice-cream for ourselves, and oh yes, it totes did blow our mind. What’s most impressive about Paul and his not-so-little-business is that it started out as a bit of a passion project, which via word of mouth, or should we say social networking – mainly Twitter & Instagram now has now grown to have a bit of a cult following. His flavours are beyond anything you could buy at the supermarket, and every week he seems to create a new ‘must have’ – which when you’re talking about ice-cream is pretty much every flavour. We caught up with Paul to talk about some of his favourite things besides ice-cream, licking the bowl clean and how he has used Instagram to create a loyal following and thus a business.

*Disclaimer If you are on any sort of diet or ‘summer bodies are created in winter’ type vibe we do not suggest you scroll to the end of this post..