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Maurice The Hedgehog – Pets of Instagram

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A few days ago we got a rather concerned Tweet from Wendy, who told us that she had heard her little Maurice cryin’ the night before because he hadn’t been featured as one of our Pets of Instagram.. Clearly Ms Tayler is a rather good momager (aka the Kris Jenner of hedgehogs) cos just look here, a whole post dedicated to Maurice the Hedgehog, as well as his own slickly run Instagram account that follows his adventures, from typing up emails on a MacBook to hiding in birds houses, it’s all in a days work for this lil creature. Whilst in the past we’ve only featured dogs & cats, which now seem far too tame, please let us know if you find any cray Pets of Instagram accounts, or if you have a cute bunny that needs some good PR!

We caught up with Maurice to talk all thing Instagram, his favourite editing apps & his best angle..


Pets of Instagram: Henry & Charlie

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If these two look familiar – it’s because they won our #NiftyDogBox competition a while back. Pets Of Instagram are our favourite kind of blog post, so we decided to catch up with Henry and Charlie who are the proud owners of two Instagrammin’ humans, @francois_72 and @hayleym_. You can follow these two ‘Bulldog Angels’ as their besotted father likes to call them, on Instagram at @thechroniclesofhenryandcharlie or just search the hashtag #thechroniclesofhenryandcharlie.

This photo of ‘Charlie doesn’t do side-saddle’ got 214 likes, so as you can tell, he is well on his way to #PetsOfInstagram Instafame!

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#NiftyDogBox Winner


The winner of the #NiftyDogBox competition we held in association with The Dog Box was Henry, as posted by Francois. Y’all meet Henry the bulldog, we chose him because this photo just has so much attitude/swag, plus it kinda looks like he is havin’ a cappuccino. We really hope Henry and his brother Charlie (you can follow them on Instagram: @thechroniclesofhenryandcharlie) love their dog box, and Francois loves his Nifty prints, preferably of Henry himself!

Thanks to everyone for playin’ along, we loved all of your 192 submissions, they were so cute, we loved hearing all about your best furry friends and their favourite leisure activities!

Pets of Instagram: Falafels the Cat


Falafels the cat may not have her own Instagram account (she leaves the hard work to the humans) but she does have her own hashtag #falafelsthecat where her mom Misha (renowned blogger @brandslut) obligingly archives all of her gorgeous cat-shmodel shots. We shared a lil’ bit of catnip with Falafels and coerced her to divulge her deepest thoughts… 😉


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