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Street Art – Nifty Weekly Project Recap

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Ahmazing street art as spotted by @rowaneva, in our hood, Woodstock!

Last week’s #NiftyWeeklyProject theme was street art and your submissions made it one of our favourite weeks ever! Street art has the power to transform a city, or space – it definitely has in Woodstock, the hood that we work in. It takes a mundane, often run down wall and turns it into a beautiful piece of art, and sometimes even more than that, a talking point. We got submissions of places and spaces from Woodstock, all the way to street art in Berlin, Paris and Melbourne – so thank you so much for your participation, it really does make our week going through all of your photographs.

This week’s theme is: it smells like summer. We want you to share your favourite summer moments with us, from lying on Clifton 2nd, seeing the waves crash, hearing ‘ice-cream, cold driiiiinks, granadilla lollieeees’ – show us the best summer has to offer. Rules are the same as always, no tagging of old photos, only new uploads please. If we love your photo and regram it on our Instagram you’ll win a voucher for x16 Nifty Strips, delivery not included. Okay now get snapping! Also if you have cool ideas for different weekly themes, leave us a comment below :)


Indulgences – Nifty Weekly Project Recap

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Okay @thecreamerysa x @saszalichocolates #niftyweeklyproject indulgence entry.. All we wanna know, why weren’t we invited?! Seriously though go out & support as many small, young South African businesses – they’re creating ahmazing things

Last week’s Nifty Weekly Project theme was ‘indulgences’ although we kinda left that interpretation up to you, 98% of entries were of food, or should we say desserts & very yummy lookin’ treats. We loved when people shared non-foodie shots like Misha’s photo of Falafels the Cat & a book whilst fighting the flu, Tori’s Miu Miu splurge and Sam’s bunch of roses & Zana goodies. However of course we love/hate an Instagram that leaves us feelin’ hangry, those who did it best last week: The Creamery with their Saszali chocolate collabration (blog post about Saszali coming soon), the girls behind what we think will become our favourite new SA food blog, Friends and Foda stopped by Power & The Glory for a classic hotdog, and Monique’s shot of Marshmallow fluff got 40 comments, seems people either love it or haven’t tried it and need it in their lives immediately – apparently it’s available at Spar, so go forth and spoon!

This week’s theme is ‘Street Art’ – when you share your photo on Instagram please also include where you spotted the art work/name of the street. The rules are the same as always, no tagging of old photos, only new uploads count. If we love and regram your photo on the Nifty Instagram you’ll get a voucher for x16 strips, delivery not included. It’s that simple.


Nifty Weekly Project


As much as we loved the #NiftyColourProject – you all were ahmazing, there were over 1400 photos tagged! It’s onto bigger & better things.. We’re going to call it the #NiftyWeeklyProject & every week we’ll choose a theme (which we’ll announce of the blog on a Monday & on our Instagram) sometimes broad & sometimes quite narrow.

This week we want you to show us your favourite coffee shops, from the baristas, to the beans to the foam art! Simply take a photo, upload it to Instagram & include the hashtag! If we love & regram your photo on our Instagram account you’ll win a Nifty voucher for x16 Strips – delivery not included.

P.S. again no tagging of old photos, only new uploads please.