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Michelle Viljoen – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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When we found out that one of our favourite Instagrammers – graphic designer and photographer, Michelle Viljoen was off to London and New York, we immediately jotted her down for a Nifty Weekend Takeover in the Big Apple. It was the middle of winter and she updated us with the most beautiful photographs, which made us want to pack our backs and head to the big city. From Times Square, to Central Walk and Greenwich Village she really did an excellent job of showing us around. We caught up with her to find out who her favourite Instagrammers are, what her most treasured possession is (it’s a toss up) and her favourite must visit places in New York.


Lauren Hoffman – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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A few weeks ago whilst scrolling through Instagram, as we do pretty much all day, everyday, we saw the most magical tropical scene posted by Lauren Hoffman. There was no indication of where in the world she was, so cheekily last minute we emailed to ask her where on earth she was, and if she would be keen to do the next Nifty Weekend Takeover.. It turned out she was in Seychelles and was happy to share the beautiful island with us, from flying over Mahe, to yoga, to scuba diving with sharks and sharing the many perks of travel.

We caught up with Lauren to talk traveling, her favourite pizza & health places to eat in Cape Town and her idea of perfect happiness.


Li-Chi Pan – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Li-Chi Pan has been our Instagram obsession for quite some time, when we first discovered her account (which now has 28,000 followers) and it said ‘Sydney / South Africa’ in the bio we were intrigued.. Li-Chi is not someone who just posts photographs to Instagram just cos she can, you can see so much time and effort goes into styling her shots, editing them and curating her beautiful feed. Her photographs are light, bright and range from everything like her latest Nike Roshe Run purchase, to macarons in bed, Celine bags, the ultimate MacBook & cappuccino at work combo by the pool and then there are lots of travel photos. Going through Li-Chi’s feed it seems like she is in a different country every week, a short scroll reveals shots from Sydney, Johannesburg, Great Barrier Reef, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Taipei and Budapest.

We were oh so excited when Li-Chi agreed to do a Nifty Weekend Takeover for us 2 weekends ago, and it was honestly one of our favourites ever – not to mention they consistently got the most likes, so we think you doubled-tapped loved them too! We caught up with the lady behind this amazing account to talk travel, her favourite photo editing apps and how long she spends curating her feed.

P.S. prediction from us, she’s definitely going to hit 100,000 followers, if not more this year..


Daniel Ting Chong – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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When we heard the news that one of our favourite graphic designer and illustrator’s Daniel Ting Chong was taking a trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo we knew it was the perfect time to have him be a part of the Nifty Weekend Takeover. He has worked with brands with RVCA, 2Bop and Unknown Union and his illustration work has been featured in publications like New York Times, Men’s Health New York and 5280 in Denver.

We love his simple and clean aesthetic, with sneaker shots, beautiful graphics and the everyday moments in dispersed on his timeline. His 2,500 followers agree.

We caught up with him to find out who he loves to follow on Instagram, his most treasured possessions and to see what / where he recommends after his recent trip, and spots he is still dying to visit!


Emma-Jane Harbour – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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One of our favourite bloggers, Emma-Jane Harbour who is behind Emma-Jane Nation is someone we’ve been beggin’ to do a Nifty Weekend Takeover for like, forever. As a wedding photographer she is normally pretty busy, but she finally had a free weekend and as a newly minted Capetonian, showed us around her new hood – from runs on the promenade, cool little spots, think The Larder run by a lady who used to be Johnny Depp’s personal chef, to metre long pizzas at The Grand it was all sorts of perfection.

We caught up with Emma to chat about her favourite Instagrammers, photo editing apps & if she is a coffee or tea kinda lass..!


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