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Purple Recap – Nifty Colour Project

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Remember when we launched the Nifty Colour Project 8 weeks ago..? These past few, very colourful weeks have just flown by – purple, last week was actually supposed to be the last week, but due to popular demand we’ve decided to keep on going, so this week’s colour is pink! Once we’ve run out of colours we’re going to move onto different themes – water, sand, beach, coffee, roads, flowers etc – if you’ve got some cool ideas please leave a suggestion in the comments!

By the end of purple week there were 1240 new photos tagged with #NiftyColourProject – thanks to everyone who has contributed to this fun, not so little experiment. Scroll down to have a look at some of our the purple winners – from Lindt to lavendar, to Nike Free Runs & sunsets it was a particularly delightful week.


Blue Recap – Nifty Colour Project

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Last week was dedicated to everything blue, with the latest Nifty Colour Project. It was also the week we passed 1000 photos on the hashtag, which made us feel pretty much the opposite of blue! Thank you so much for your unbelievable support of our little project and for sharing your beautiful images with us, we can’t believe how quickly this has all gone, as we move into what was supposed to be our last week, purple – due to popular demand however we may extend it a bit further.. Watch this space!

These Nifty winners really took us places with their photos from the top of Tygerberg Hill to see Cape Town Stadium from an angle we’ve never seen it before, to the Manhattan Bridge, boat trippin’ on the Knysna Lagoon, flyin’ over icebergs, Rosenborg Castle Gardens in Copehagen, livin’ the island life in Cozumel Mexico & skiing liftin’ in Tirol Austria – we saw the world through your blue tinted glasses, scroll down to see all 11 winning images..


Green Recap – Nifty Colour Project

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We cannot actually handle how ahmazing @meghanmaconochie is! This is her 4th #niftycolourproject winning image

Another week, another colour – green week proved to be one of the most beautiful yet with 10 winning images, check them all out below.. Which was your favourite? We were so blown away by Meghan’s Nifty ‘N’ logo in pencil shavings that we commissioned her to recreate it in red for us to use all over our newsletters & as social media icons FTW! To check out her pencil shavings project search the hashtag #projectpencilshavingsmeghanmaconochie – it’s ahmazing!


Orange Recap – Nifty Colour Project

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 4.03.01 PM

This is @thingsdeeloves favourite orange thing, her dear cat Kevin!

We were a little worried going into the orange week of the Nifty Colour Project, we weren’t feeling very inspired beyond oranges, Fanta and Nik-Naks, however thanks to everyone who uploaded photos, you managed to show us that there are a lot more interesting and beautiful orange things out there.. So far this week we’ve had 6 winners, @amandadovey, @roxyrosenberg, @kirstyschlemmer, @carolinemclagan, @thingsdeeloves & lastly @meghanmaconohie who is the first person to have won twice! Which is your favourite photo from the week?

Yay next week we’re onto yellow, get your iPhones out and get snapping everything yellow you can find this weekend :)


Nifty Colour Project – Red Recap

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 1.05.12 PM

Red nails, personal favourite manicure! Thanks @pampamstagram for the photo

We’ve nearly finished week two of the super fun #NiftyColourProject, thanks so much to everyone who has played along, we can’t believe there are over 200 beautiful photographs with the hashtag already! Here’s a quick blog post recap of some of our favourite photographs from the week, and to show you this weeks winners.

PS next week the colour of the moment is orange and we’re currently stuck for inspiration beyond naartjies & Fanta, so please show us how it’s done..


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