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Chanel Hurlin – Nifty Weekend Takeover


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One of our favourite things to do at the Nifty studio is put together the super cool weekend takeovers of our Instagram account, we love finding South Africans who take incredible photographs, and are off to some rather exotic locations. Whilst scrolling through our Instagram feed we noticed that Chanel was posting the most beautiful photographs in India, so obviously 5 minutes later an email was sent and last weekend she took us on a whirlwind trip from the Qutb Shahi tombs, to the top of the Charminar in Hyderbad, dodging tuk tuks and eating samoosas for breakfast.

We caught up with Chanel to find out about the highlights from her two months working and travelling around India, and the top 3 things you need to do if you go there!


Matt Allison – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Matt Allison is one of those people we’ve followed on social media forever and you kind of feel like you know him and his family just via Instagram. They recently relocated from Cape Town to Sydney and a few months ago he squeezed in a tour of his new city for a very cool Nifty Weekend Takeover, from vertical gardens, to Icebergs ocean pool in Bondi Beach and the Harbour bridge it was quite a whirlwind. If you’re obsessed with minimalism, plant life and IKEA you 100% should be following Matt on Instagram.

We caught up with Matt to hear about his favourite places in Cape Town, Sydney and whether we can expect more hangryness inducing food snaps again, cos we miss them!


Carla Correia – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Carla has been someone we’ve had our Instagram eye on for ages, we met her for the first time at the Nifty x Gummie Insta-walk and she was just as lovely as we had imagined, in IRL! She recently celebrated the one year mark of starting her own business Carla Likes Photos, yip she takes such gorgeous photos, we absolutely could not wait for her weekend takeover and it did not disappoint. From Honest Chocolate cafe adventures – we’re so obsessed with that place, to Sunday drives and showing us her perfect way of ending off the weekend, we really enjoyed this little sneak peek into her life.

We caught up with her to chat about starting her own business, what she shoots her photographs with, her favouriting editing app (it’s ours too) and the people she loves following on Instagram


Oh hey it’s Le’Chelle!

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A few weeks ago we posted about a new job we were looking to fill at the Nifty studio, we were absolutely astounded and overwhelmed by the responses, thank you so much to everyone who sent through your CVs, especially to those who put a lot of thought and effort into your cover letters, we loved & LOL’d (in a good way) going through them. After narrowing the field down via coffee meetings at Flat Mountain Roastery we have filled with position, everyone meet Le’Chelle Taylor!

Le’Chelle was the absolute perfect person for us, she fit the role to the T, believe you me, we stalked all your Instagram accounts and we loved that a few scrolls down on hers we spotted a fresh batch of Nifty prints, plus she has a cool Instagram account (follow her @LeChelle_Taylor) which was an optional extra, but that we were actually quite serious about. Le’Chelle officially started training on Monday and tomorrow will be her first day taking over the reigns, eek! Just kidding, we have faith. We chatted to her about applying for the job, her own super cool blog Taylor Made, having a Youtube channel, her greatest extravagance (data, which is ours too ha) and her pet peeves!


Li-Chi Pan – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Li-Chi Pan has been our Instagram obsession for quite some time, when we first discovered her account (which now has 28,000 followers) and it said ‘Sydney / South Africa’ in the bio we were intrigued.. Li-Chi is not someone who just posts photographs to Instagram just cos she can, you can see so much time and effort goes into styling her shots, editing them and curating her beautiful feed. Her photographs are light, bright and range from everything like her latest Nike Roshe Run purchase, to macarons in bed, Celine bags, the ultimate MacBook & cappuccino at work combo by the pool and then there are lots of travel photos. Going through Li-Chi’s feed it seems like she is in a different country every week, a short scroll reveals shots from Sydney, Johannesburg, Great Barrier Reef, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Taipei and Budapest.

We were oh so excited when Li-Chi agreed to do a Nifty Weekend Takeover for us 2 weekends ago, and it was honestly one of our favourites ever – not to mention they consistently got the most likes, so we think you doubled-tapped loved them too! We caught up with the lady behind this amazing account to talk travel, her favourite photo editing apps and how long she spends curating her feed.

P.S. prediction from us, she’s definitely going to hit 100,000 followers, if not more this year..


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