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How to Take Good Instagram Photos by Aimee Song

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Trust us when we say Aimee Song knows what she is talkin’ about and knows how to take damn good Instagram photos.. Aimee is behind Song of Style a US fashion & decor blog and she has racked up over 1.5 million (yes million) followers on Instagram – this means she gets to travel the world, take ahmazing photos and has a very enviable closest.

Love this video she put together of her top tips for taking the best Instagram photos possible, especially when she stands on the chair to get the birds eye-view food shot, I am so guilt of doing this IRL.


The ultimate instatraveller: Sarah Duff

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Sarah Duff (@travellingduff on Instagram) is a freelance travel writer and photographer from Cape Town who says she is happiest when on the road with her camera. As the editor of Peregrine and former web editor of Getaway magazine, she’s seen her fair share of exciting and exotic places and is about to embark on her greatest adventure yet: traveling around the globe for an entire year! Sarah uses Instagram to share her travels, and us desk-bound folk can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the coming months (though admittedly we’re a tad envious!). Before jetting off, Sarah was kind enough to take a break from packing for her trip to answer some of our questions about her job as a professional traveller:


Famestagrammers: Lisa Ting Chong


There are few Instagram accounts that make us want to snap our laptops shut and book the next flight to Southeast Asia, or at least head straight to an hour-long hotbox yoga session/declutter the studio/feng shui every damn thing in sight. Lisa Ting Chong’s serenely minimalist Instagrams are a welcome breath of fresh air between the usual selfie/burger/sunset pictures we’re so used to seeing (and guilty of taking ourselves, ahem..). Lisa was kind enough to answer our nosy questions about her Instagrammin’ ways:


Famestagrammers: Ofentse Mwase

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If you’re quite in the know about who’s who in the Instagram zoo (and what a zoo it is, with the amount of fluffy, four-legged users floating around the network – but I digress), it’s likely you already follow Ofentse Mwase, a.k.a. @unclescrooch. As one of the most promising young filmmakers working in Johannesburg, Ofentse’s Instagrams convey an other-wordliness, a dream-like quality and a grand scale usually reserved for the big screen.


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