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How to Take Good Instagram Photos by Aimee Song

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Trust us when we say Aimee Song knows what she is talkin’ about and knows how to take damn good Instagram photos.. Aimee is behind Song of Style a US fashion & decor blog and she has racked up over 1.5 million (yes million) followers on Instagram – this means she gets to travel the world, take ahmazing photos and has a very enviable closest.

Love this video she put together of her top tips for taking the best Instagram photos possible, especially when she stands on the chair to get the birds eye-view food shot, I am so guilt of doing this IRL.


How To Edit Your Photos For Instagram Using Only Snapseed

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Since our last post on the life and times of Alessio La Ruffa (@alessiolr on Instagram), he’s been up to his fair share of urban snappin’, and if you missed his epic helicopter experience over the City of Gold along with some cherry-picked Joburg Instagrammers, do yourself a favour and check out the hashtag¬†#vodawalk (warning: not one for vertigo sufferers).

Alessio also happens to run one of SA’s coolest Instagram-related online stores called Instageeks, offering a curated collection of iPhone photography accessories at the best prices (I’m literally kicking myself for paying so much for a clear iPhone case). Anyway, Alessio graciously agreed to share some of his IG know-how in the form of a photo editing tutorial – go go guest post!