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You’re A Saucy Crowd


Happy Monday 250gram fam!

Some of you may have noticed that we took the website down for maintenance a few days ago – and while we initially joked that outrageously cute puppies were to blame, the matter at hand is actually a little more serious than that. Essentially, we’ve run into a spot of legal trouble with Instagram by having the word “gram” in our name, and in order to comply with their developer guidelines we’re going to have to change our name and do so ASAP – so we can get back to printing your crazy beautiful Instagrams in our classic Polaroid style.

Since launching 250gram in January, we’ve been utterly astonished by the spirited, lively and endlessly creative community that has formed around our little online print shop, and we want you – as the guys and girls responsible for all the magical pictures we get to drool over every day – to help us come up with a new brand name that’s awesome enough to knock the blue-and-white socks off any online corporation (er, or at least fold their socks neatly away for them without any legal implications).

Of course, what would such a request be, without a worthy prize? Here’s the deal:

1. You come up with a brilliant new name for 250gram (without using the words “insta”, “gram”,  “instagram”, “polaroid”). We are not against keepin’ the “250” or scrapping it entirely

2. Submit your entry by leaving your suggestion as a comment on this blog post, or post on our Facebook wall, alternatively Tweet us @250gram_

3. After two days, we select the best name.

4. Winner gets a year’s supply of 250gram prints – yup, you heard us. And naturally, terms and conditions apply

5. Our small but dedicated team gets to continue doing what we love – printing your Instagrams

We’ll close the competition at 5pm on Wednesday the 26th, so you have until then to wow us (no pressure – we already know you’re a radically creative bunch!).

Yours in printing awesomeness,

Lucas, Talya & Kristen (the 250gram strategy team)

*T&C’s a years supply of prints is equal to a voucher for x20 prints and delivery, every month for 12 months

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