Nifty x Gummie Insta-walk


photo by: @tropiki

A couple of weeks ago we met up with Ksenia Mardina, the founder of Gummie Travel – at Flat Mountain Roastery to discuss a cool way for Nifty & Gummie to collaborate. Gummie is a super new startup that lets you book cool experiences and adventures in and around your hood, everything from a design tour of Cape Town to a Bo-Kaap cooking tour to ocean yoga, at the moment most of the experiences are Cape Town & Johannesburg based but they’ll be extending their reach soon!

Something we’ve always wanted to do and be more involved in was Insta-walks, whilst they happen quite often in Cape Town, where a whole lot of Instagrammers meet up in a certain spot like Lions Head or Rhodes Memorial, we haven’t seen many that were a guided tour. As we work in Woodstock we thought it would be a great location for the first Insta-walk and as it happened, Ksenia already had a contact and was putting together tours of Woodstock’s street art, and thus the first Nifty x Gummie Insta-walk was born!


Love this shot of @mendezmariajose strollin’ through Woodstock, taken by @mpumelelomacu

We Instagrammed about it, but to be honest we had no idea if 5, 10, 20 or 50 people would show up, we were very nervous and then suddenly extremely relieved and excited when we arrived at the Woodstock Exchange to find over 30 Instagrammers waiting to go on our lil Insta-walk!

Juma was our guide and showed us some of the street art that Woodstock is known for, from Faith47 to DALeast there are some really incredible pieces if you take the time to wonder the back alleys. We’ve included some photos of our favourites..


Another ahmazing piece of street art snapped by @blindcripple


photo by: @gummieco

A huge thank you to everyone who come along, we had the best time and it was so lovely meeting you all! After the 45 minute walk we went back to Superette for cappuccinos and orange + pomegranate juice with those who could stay, during the walk Lucas had been at the studio tracking the #NiftyxGummeInstawalk hashtag and printing out all the photographs which were then handed out, so everyone got a lil Nifty something to take home.


photo by: @superbalist

We crunched some numbers and found that, 190 photographs were uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag, in total there were 33 Instagrammers in attendance, who had a combined following of 191,965 followers – how crazy is that?


photo by: @darkinstacptguy

P.S. for the next one would you like it if we kept it as a short weekday lunch break kinda thing, or would you prefer it on the weekend? Leave a comment and let us know :)


photo by: @danelledevilliers via @kamersvol


This piece is by the brilliant @rickyleegordon_freddysam


Love this surprise work peekin’ out the back of the Woodstock Exchange!


Superette, photo by @postcardandtag


Nearly 150 photos were uploaded to Instagram with hashtag #NiftyxGummieInstawalk in the first hour – we had @lucasradams at the studio printing them all out, a quick cycle to the Woodstock Exchange and everyone got to get their Nifty prints over cappuccinos & pomegranate juice!


Cappuccino time at Superette, photo by @jessbinxx

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