The Easiest DIY + Hashtag Search

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We’ve got a whole lotta Nifty Christmas DIYs planned for the blog and thought we would start with the easiest one ever (actually they’re all pretty easy) as well as use this post to show you a little ‘secret’ or under-used functionality of our site – which we think once you’ve discovered you’ll love..

For this DIY you’ll need:

  •  to order some Nifty prints!
  •  string & pegs – we got ours from Typo

hashtag search 1


The functionality we’re talkin’ about on the website is the hashtag search – go to and click ‘Print Polaroids’ (unfortunately this only works with polaroids not the strips) and then click the third gray tab  ‘#Search’ – this allows you to search a hashtag from one of your own events, a friends wedding, bachelorette party etc and it will display all the photos that have been uploaded from users with open (not private) accounts. You can then select all of your friends wedding photos and get them delivered to their home via our site before they’re even back from honeymoon :)

We went and created a little Nifty Alphabet which we would love you to be able to use for your own parties and events, all you have to do is go to the #Search tab, and start typing in ‘niftyalphabet’ – it should find it before you even finish typing, click the complete word and viola a whole beautiful alpabet plus numbers and a few key symbols will be displayed..

hashtag search 2

You can then go and select all the letters you need to create the words you want, we chose ‘Merry Christmas’ but ‘Happy Birthday’ ‘Ooh New Years 2015′ & ‘Mazeltov’ would all be fun ones too. You can then click the tab ‘Selected’ to double check which letters you’ve chosen

hashtag search 3

You can then go back to the ‘All’ tab and include some of your own Instagrams in your Nifty order – could it get any simpler? Don’t think so :)

Once your Nifty order has arrived and you’ve finished admiring them, it’s time to get to work..

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Get your string and pegs out, we got both from Typo but Peg & Pencil also has really cute pegs which you can order online = winning! We neatly taped the string to the wall – you could use washi tape or if you want to make it a permanent fixture use nails and tie the string, then simply get your letters in order and start pegging them up!

P.S. if you want to ensure you get your order before Christmas, read this post.

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  1. Peg & Pencil
    January 9, 2015 at 9:33 pm (3 years ago)

    A really lovely DIY. Will definitely make use of the birthday option.
    Thanks for the mention you awesome peeps x


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