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Emma Jane Menteath – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Emma Jane Menteath took over our Instagram account last weekend, and we’ve gotta say, even though we totes shouldn’t be biased, it was one of our favourite Nifty Weekend Takeovers ever! It literally was the perfect combination of fashion, flowers & food, or as we like to call them, the 3 essentials ‘F’s’ of Instagram – even better when you can mix two, see great example below: oysters & Ray-Bans.

Emma also happens to be the blogger behind one of our favourite new SA fashion blogs, ‘My Life In Pink‘ which she runs whilst being a full time model and part time student. She also just got back from a 3 month stint in New York, her blog post on the best cupcakes in NYC is essential reading for anyone with a sweet tooth heading to the Big Apple. We caught up with Emma to chat to her about her greatest extravagances, idea of perfect happiness, got her to weigh in on the macaron vs cupcake debate, and what exactly was in those little Chanel bags..


Make Your Own Havaianas


photo by Leigh PrettyMintBlog

Let’s be serious for a second, jokes, but seriously though is there any other shoe you would rather wear in summer than brightly coloured Havaianas? They’re perfect for the beach, long hot summer weekends, and if you work in a relaxed environment like we do, you could even get away with them at work..

Which is why we were so excited when Havaianas asked us to do social printing at their pop up, Make-Your-Own-Havaianas store at the V&A Waterfront, we spent the day there yesterday watching media and bloggers creating their dream pair. Basically how it works is you start out by spinning the wheel of fortune, or should we call it the wheel of colour – where you can match up colour bases with different colour straps – until you find the perfect colour combination that you’re totes obsessed with, there are different colour options available for girls and guys.


Col’Cacchio’s New Banting Friendly Menu

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Snuck away for lunch, to our Buchanan Square neighbours, Col’Cacchio’s launch of their new Banting friendly menu. Tim Noakes it seems has people divided, but there are tons of people who swear by Banting and their results. Lucas on hearing what Banting was about said in disbelief ‘there are people who voluntarily don’t eat carbs? WTF?!’ LOL Anyways as someone who always orders a gluten free pizza at Col’Cacchio, I was super keen to try out their new menu, seated next to the Cosmo, ELLE & GQ girls we tucked into starters – the outright winner being the Banting-friendly Cobb salad with cos lettuce, chicken, bacon, cherry tomatoes, avo, egg, crispy onion and a ranch style dressing.


Meghan Maconochie – Artists of Instagram

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I’m sure most of you remember the Nifty Colour Project, and if you do, Meghan Maconochie’s name should be pretty familiar to you because she won oh so many times. Some weeks, like yellow week I clearly remember wanting to use her photo of the dog wearing a yellow birthday hat, but didn’t because we wanted to let others have a chance. At the end of the day though Meghan did take and create some of our favourite images of the competition, which also led to a major spark of inspiration for her too..

During green week she tagged a photo of the Nifty ‘N’ logo made entirely out of green pencil shavings, we may have let out a collective squeal of delight. This was of course a winner, and we then also commissioned Meghan to recreate it in red – which we now use for our social media icons. This was just the beginning for her though, she took the pencil shaving idea and turned it into a brilliant and totally original 365 project – she’s currently on day 70, have a look at all the images by searching #projectpencilshavingsmeghanmaconochie. We love her work and are super happy to share it with you on our blog, we caught up with Meghan to chat 365 projects and her passions beyond Instagram.

P.S. for brands looking to hire Meghan to create super cool little pieces of art, her turn around time is super fast – do it!


#MyNiftySummer x Piz Buin

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Ooh guess the cats out the bag.. We posted a ‘P’ hint on Instagram this morning and you all guessed correctly, that the brand we’re very lucky to be working with for the month of November is Piz Buin. Last week’s #NiftyWeeklyProject theme was ‘it smells like summer’ and nothing smells more like summer to me than sunscreen, my favourite being Piz Buin with the best coconutty scent that leaves me longing for lazy summer days on the beach, reading a good book under an umbrella, whilst listening to the waves crash, and sand between my toes. The smell evokes so many great summer memories and I’ve been using their products for years because they really are the best. The first time I heard about the Piz Buin lip balms were via Tori’s blog Kiss Blush & Tell, she raved about them, which sent me straight to the shop to pick one up and I’ve been hooked ever since – come rain or shine. They’re super hydrating, with 20SPF sun protection as well as a hint of that famous Piz smell.

Piz Buin to us, really is the perfect summer brand and we’re literally too excited that we’ve gotten to team up with them for the month of November. Every Nifty order this month (until stocks run out, but we have a lot of stock) will included a #MyNiftySummer polaroid print as well as a Piz Buin lipstick! We really hope you love them as much as we do, they’ll keep your lips protected over the hot summer months and we just really wanted to give back to everyone this festive season for their ahmazing support. We only launched in January this year and your support, from our x5 return customers, to bloggers, to media, to people who excitedly discovered us a few days ago – means the world to us, we cannot thank you enough!

PS this is just the beginning, watch out 2015 :)