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Zana banner collab with @emmajanenation – ‘Turn Down For What’

Zana products are one of our favourite South African brands to follow on Instagram cos they just get it so damn right! They have us lustin’ over their products – from their new banner collab with blogger Emma-Jane Harbour, to their cutest pillow covers, DIY copper magazine stands & cat sprinkle bowls. We caught up with the Zana girls to talk all things business, creative as well as their greatest extravagances!

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How sweet is this trio of cushions?

 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

We are Zana, a creative brand, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our business was born out of a love for creating. After a few months of midnight sewing we realised that we had a legitimate business on our hands with orders pouring in from every corner of the globe. We now have a team and a studio in Woodstock where we do our own sewing, testing, packaging, creating and so many other things that dreams are made of.

We are in love with colour, pattern and typography. This is really what gets us inspired. We love to blog about design and DIYS as well as Instagram at all times.

Our Team:
Robyn Britz – Creative Head & Co-owner

Sue Britz – Production Head & Co-owner

Melissa Nunnerley – Interior Designer & Creative

Nikki Albertyn – Creative

Yokai & Tendai – Production

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Hand-made, limited edition cat-bowls made by us #zanagirls. Perfect for all your rings and things!

2. We’re busy oohing & aahing over Zana’s Instagram photos, tell us a little bit about when the business started..

Zana was started by a mother and daughter team, the name “Zana” comes from an old family nickname that just seems to have stuck. (And we love it)

Being a small business we all tend to do abit of everything, which helps us upskill and endure the times each #zanagirl heads over the sea… Melissa generally heads social media here at Zana but we all chip in to lighten the load.

3. How has the business grown thanks to the exposure on social networks / Instagram?

We ship our lovely little parcels to every corner of the world and because we are an online store we do not always get to meet our buyers. Social media allows us to interact with our buyer and we love that! We get most of our interaction through Instagram and encourage our buyer to use the hashtag (#zanaproducts), we love seeing where in the world our goodies end up.

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Pineapple pouches

4. In what way has your avid & loyal Instagram following influenced your business? 

We continue to gain feedback and suggestions from our buyers on instagram, they love to engage and let us know their opinions and suggestions. We take inspiration from our buyers and adapt it into our creative ideas.

We also love sharing our day to day with our Instagram loyals, this enables them to see behind the scenes and get sneak peeks of new products.

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Amazing copper magazine stand DIY 

5. Do the many customers comments / order requests influence your product line?

Every single comment is taken into consideration and we do our best to respond and build off of that.

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The lucky new owner came to fetch his tent! Max privacy with closable doors and windows!

6. You recently did a limited edition line with Emma-Jane Harbour of Emma-Jane Nation, do you have more blogger collaborations in the works?

Our #zanabannercolab was just so much fun! We kicked it off with Nikki Smal of Nikki and Nicholas blog and have just finished off with Emma-Jane.

We worked with them and their fans and followers to come up with an idea for a banner that everyone would love, all the creative direction was left to the blogger while we handled the production. We are just so excited about how this turned out, we ended the whole shebang with giveaways on the blogs. This is just another way we like connecting with our people.

See Nikki’s banner revealed here. See Emma-Jane’s banner revealed here. Emma-Janes banner is still for sale, we are only selling 5, they are limited edition – shop here. We do not have any other collaborations in the works but based on the success of this one, we are brainstorming our next colab adventure now.

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Yay our banner colab with @nikki_viola is done!

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I love you to the moon & back!

7. We love your product range, from the beautiful fabrics, to quirky pillows & yay! tote bags – what are your best sellers and what’s coming soon?

Our best seller has to be the “Hello there handsome” and “Good morning gorgeous” set, there is just something about them that we can all relate to. That kinda goes for all our wordy sets, they are quirky and add a little fun to the bedroom. There has also been a sudden hype about the swiss cross, people are loving monochromatic interiors at the moment.

As for what’s new, well…. SO MUCH! We have such an exciting festive season lined up! Items geared up towards interior accessories, summer must haves and fashion- things are well into production!

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 10.26.41 AM

Cat sprinkle bowls! Limited stock & 100% handmade

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 10.27.13 AM

Baby it’s cold outside..

8. Where can we find Zana goodies?

We are an online store, shop our full range online. If you prefer the in store experience we stock a few stores worldwide, have a look at our stockists page.

9. Who do you follow on Instagram for a little bit of daily inspiration?

Here are our top 10 Instagram accounts that will undoubtedly inspire you for the day ahead-

@designlovefest || @brittnimehlhoff || @highwallsblog || @nicole_franzen  || @heykarm || @bevinblight || @randomactsofpastel || @teaforbear || @pitterpatterfurryfeet

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His & hers!

10.What are your favourite apps for editing your Instagrams?

Mostly VSCOcam, we also like the Cameratimer which allow you to take a series of quick snaps.

11. What is your greatest extravaganza?

Confetti and champagne!!!

12. What is your most treasured possession?

Our fiddle leaf fig is our studios most treasured possession, they are SO hard to find in Cape Town and we were so lucky to have one!

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