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We were so excited to have the wonderful Amy Scheepers take over our Instagram account this weekend, she happens to be a professional photographer – so we knew we were in good hands, plus her Instagram account is one of our favourites, it’s so beautifully curated. Amy is the blogger behind Fancy Pants which is part of the TGETHER blog network, runs blog classes – BBLOGCLASS, and she’s also just launched her own YouTube channel and we can’t wait to see the magical videos she puts together like this one, Wave Hunting.

We caught up with Amy to find out about her greatest extravagances, favourite Cape Town spots (she recently moved here), The Creamery ice-cream flavours she can’t live without, and which beach you’ll find her on this summer!

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1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 24 year old photographer & blogger, cat lover and internet addict. I’m also very passionate about travelling, photography, design, and clothing.

2. You have your blog Fancy Pants, tell us a little bit about how you started blogging 

I was a bit of an internet nerd (still am) and spent a lot of time looking at what people around the world were blogging about. I loved the idea of bringing photography, design and clothing together onto a little space of your own online and just started playing around.

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Loving the beach views / summer perfection today

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My favourite beach essentials

3. You also do the BBLOGCLASS with Talya which we’ve printed at, when is your next class and what do you cover?

Yip, it’s been a rad way to meet new bloggers in Cape Town. Our next class is this Saturday, the 23rd. It covers all of the basics of blogging and is focused at newbie bloggers looking to start somewhere. We cover topics like finding your niche, layout & photography tips, social media, networking, content management and working with brands. We also open a discussion with the bloggers and answer any of their questions.

4. Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram?

I honestly follow way too many amazing accounts to narrow down – go take a scroll through my follow list and I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration!

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It’s not really the weekend till you’ve been to The Creamery

5. What is your favourite photo editing apps?

VSCO and afterlight

6. What is your greatest extravagance? 

Definitely shoes & food. Moving to Cape Town has been like one long food adventure and I have a serious weakness for black boots.

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Lazari loving. Best breakfast / brunch spot!

7. What is your most treasured possession? 

My bestie/cat, Basil. And my camera/other bestie

8. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Living an uncomplicated, stress free life and surrounding yourself with positive people you love most. Also, unlimited ice cream.

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Crystal clean ocean views!

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Exploring fun / Sunday adventures in Cosy Bay!

9. Now that you’ve moved to Cape Town what are some of your favourite spots in the city?

This city has so many! My favorites are Kalk Bay for a stroll & the best fish & chips, Woodlands for pizza, Cosy Bay for a beautiful beach in between the boulders if you’re not into crowds, The Creamery for ice cream and Kirstenbosch gardens for picnics. I also recommend getting out of the city and having a picnic in the forests, tea & cake at Babylonstoren, and grabbing some ice cream at Schoon de Companje in Stellies.

10. We often see your Instagrams of beaches, which is your absolute favourite summer spot?

St Francis Bay by far! I adore St Francis, it’s summer 90% of the year and the water is warm enough to laze around in for hours. I went to Mauritius earlier this year and found myself thinking the beaches in St Francis are very similar, it’s wonderful.

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This summer weather is oh so perfect! Loving Cosy Bay life

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11. We spotted you at The Creamery this weekend, what are your fav ice-creamflavours?

EASY! Barley malt, banana ganache, rooibos chai, carrot cake, s’mores – I’m actually going to need to go back now after thinking about this.

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