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Yellow Recap – Nifty Colour Project

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Oh hiiii Carlin aka @campsbaygirl & @superficialgirl love this #niftycolourproject yellow photo – playing in fields of gold

This yellow week was week 4 of the Nifty Colour Project and there are nearly 700 photos on Instagram with the hashtag, insane crazy! Yellow has been our favourite week thus far, the official colour of Cape Town Design Capital 2014 we got so many beautiful submissions, that we picked 10 winners this week, and there were so many others we would have loved to feature too.. Have a look through the blog post to see some of our favourite photos from the week :)


Orange Recap – Nifty Colour Project

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 4.03.01 PM

This is @thingsdeeloves favourite orange thing, her dear cat Kevin!

We were a little worried going into the orange week of the Nifty Colour Project, we weren’t feeling very inspired beyond oranges, Fanta and Nik-Naks, however thanks to everyone who uploaded photos, you managed to show us that there are a lot more interesting and beautiful orange things out there.. So far this week we’ve had 6 winners, @amandadovey, @roxyrosenberg, @kirstyschlemmer, @carolinemclagan, @thingsdeeloves & lastly @meghanmaconohie who is the first person to have won twice! Which is your favourite photo from the week?

Yay next week we’re onto yellow, get your iPhones out and get snapping everything yellow you can find this weekend :)


The Counter, Foodstagrams & The Business of Instagram

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Salted caramel sauce, a brownie, two blocks of fudge, a Rocky Road bar, a raspberry marshmallow, coconut ice, strawberry and lemon cordial and a tiny bottle of craft vodka, gin or chilli vodka.

You know that feeling when it’s lunch time and you’re really hungry, haven’t packed or planned anything inspiring to eat, you’re scrolling through Instagram and suddenly you’re hangry? For those who don’t know, hanger is a mixture of hunger and anger that is usually brought on by the sight of totally delicious looking food, and on Instagram the main culprits are usually Jason Bakery doussants, Paul Ballen’s ice-cream, and then of course there is The Counter which kind of has a bit of a cult followin’ in Johannesburg and on Instagram. Started 3 years ago by Meg & her partner Ian they have been producing some must-have-in-my-life-right-now kinda sweet treats, just scroll through the post to get a little taste, oh and follow them on Instagram @The_Counter

We caught up with Meg to talk about licking the bowl (she’s actually sick of if), the business of Instagram, her favourite South African bloggers and peanut butter fudge that is like sex!


Amy Scheepers – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Follow @amy_scheepers on Instagram

We were so excited to have the wonderful Amy Scheepers take over our Instagram account this weekend, she happens to be a professional photographer – so we knew we were in good hands, plus her Instagram account is one of our favourites, it’s so beautifully curated. Amy is the blogger behind Fancy Pants which is part of the TGETHER blog network, runs blog classes – BBLOGCLASS, and she’s also just launched her own YouTube channel and we can’t wait to see the magical videos she puts together like this one, Wave Hunting.

We caught up with Amy to find out about her greatest extravagances, favourite Cape Town spots (she recently moved here), The Creamery ice-cream flavours she can’t live without, and which beach you’ll find her on this summer!


Nifty Colour Project – Red Recap

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 1.05.12 PM

Red nails, personal favourite manicure! Thanks @pampamstagram for the photo

We’ve nearly finished week two of the super fun #NiftyColourProject, thanks so much to everyone who has played along, we can’t believe there are over 200 beautiful photographs with the hashtag already! Here’s a quick blog post recap of some of our favourite photographs from the week, and to show you this weeks winners.

PS next week the colour of the moment is orange and we’re currently stuck for inspiration beyond naartjies & Fanta, so please show us how it’s done..


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