Jess of The Fashion Freckle – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Jess also known as The Fashion Freckle (read her blog here) has been livin’ it up in Europe this past week and thus we just had to have her do a Nifty Weekend Takeover (see Kristen Duff’s & Sune de Bruyn’s) as she galavanted through Florence.. She stopped off to see some beautiful artworks, had a proper Italian cooking class, ate real gelato – think caramel panna cotta, oh & she also worked it all off by walking up 414 steps to share the view of Florence from above with us, absolutely spectacular!

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Caramel panna cotta gelato – too much goodness!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a third year Online Media Student at UCT but have kind of realized that it’s not really where I want to be heading. My real passions are art, travel, food and fashion.

2. We are so envious of your Eurotrip and some of our snaps from Florence this weekend, where have you already been and where are you off to next?

On this trip I have been to Amsterdam, Paris, Chamonix, Florence, Portifino and London. I am leaving Italy tomorrow and heading to London which is the last leg of my trip:)

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Does it get better than a cooking class in Florence? 

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Pit stop at Pisa!

3. Personal highlight(s) of the trip so far?

My highlights have been Paris, it lights something inside of me. One of my favourite parts about Paris was trying out the pastries – for anyone going you need to go to Angelina and order a Mont Blanc (their speciality) and a Mille feuille (to die for). And Ladurée’s macaroons are out of this world, especially vanilla and salted caramel. Another highlight was swimming in the sea near Portofino – I was surrounded by colourful buildings covering the cliffs as well as yachts in the water – it was amazing. One more highlight was going to Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in London at the beginning of the trip. I can’t even explain how tasty the food was.

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In the Uffizi museum in Florence and looking at the art I’ve studied from uni! 

4. As a fashion blogger – what are your top traveling tips in terms of packing well & what to pack?

When I pack for a long trip I always like to take a few classic pieces, like a white collared shirt, because I find they are the easiest to mix and match with other pieces. I’m also super organized so often I think of outfits that I can wear and pack accordingly – I may not always stick to the plan fully but it definitely helps me pack less than I would without a plan. Also, fold your clothes properly and neatly! You wouldn’t believe how much space it frees up!

5. Who are some of your favourite people to follow on Instagram? 

Since Instagram is all about the visuals I love following people who offer beautiful and clean images. So, my favorites are @margaret_zhang @garypeppergirl @thehautepursuit (go Asians) @emmajanementeath and @amy_scheepers

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6. Which is your favourite app for editing your photos?


7. What do you miss most about home when traveling?

I miss my man haha. I also miss my bed and home cooked food. ALSO having to rely on places with free wifi is super annoying.

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Pizza get in ma belly!

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The view after 414 steps. Florence, you’re worth it! 

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