The Kitchen


 Who The Kitchen

Where 111 Sir Lowry Rd, Cape Town

What Eatery

When Monday – Friday – 8:00am to 3:30pm.

When taking a stroll along Woodstock Main road it’s hard not to notice the buzz that surrounds the area, and in the middle of the bustling main road where the rather infamous eatery, The Kitchen is located.

The Kitchen was started by Karen Dudley and has seen the likes of the Obama’s, who have eaten there, yes, those Obama’s. Rumour has it, that they stopped there after their security mistook The Kitchen for the famous Test Kitchen, but loved the food anyway and a newspaper clipping of the incident is framed outside.


 What would Nigella say?

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Michelle Obama is a fan!

The decor is totally rustic, think quirky with mirrors, old photos, hand stitched quotes and cook books strewn around. The restaurant has an old world charm and that coupled with the seemingly endless queue of people who rush there for lunch, means there is never a dull moment.

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When deciding what to eat, the options seem, and are, rather endless from, beetroot, apple  & coriander salad, fine bean salad with orange and hazelnut, harissa chickpea salad and many many more. The sandwich selection is no less easy to choose from which a range including: salami, pecorino, chicken & bacon and melanzane with danish feta.

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We almost aways go for servings of the salad plate, sit down it costs R55 and they pile your plate up with 5 different types of vegetarian ‘salads’ options – which also include roast potatoes, aubergine in a tomato sauce, lentil dishes & our favourite quinoa and buckwheat salads too. You can then add (if you like) protein of your choice for an extra R15 – R20, think grilled chicken breasts, crispy bacon or pork bangers.

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On a hot summer’s day, their ice-coffee is a must have – pretty sure their secret ingredient is calorie dense condense milk, but OMG so worth it!

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There is a reason everyone simply adores The Kitchen and we know why, great food, great prices and a charming atmosphere make for the best combination you can ask for!

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