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A Little Chat With Dominique Beneli Lamon

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As much as we love printing your Instagram photos, we also love followin’ people as they travel the world, cook delicious food that makes us rather hangry, as well as showing us their top workout tips to give us the much needed inspiration to roll out of bed and into the gym during the dark cold winter mornings! One of our favourite people to follow, who ticks all 3 boxes is Dominique Beneli Lamon, she is Capetonian model who travels the world (she is currently based in Hamburg, Germany), shares lots of healthy meal options & we love watching her short workout videos – check her out on Instagram @dblnutrition.


The Kitchen


 Who The Kitchen

Where 111 Sir Lowry Rd, Cape Town

What Eatery

When Monday – Friday – 8:00am to 3:30pm.

When taking a stroll along Woodstock Main road it’s hard not to notice the buzz that surrounds the area, and in the middle of the bustling main road where the rather infamous eatery, The Kitchen is located.

The Kitchen was started by Karen Dudley and has seen the likes of the Obama’s, who have eaten there, yes, those Obama’s. Rumour has it, that they stopped there after their security mistook The Kitchen for the famous Test Kitchen, but loved the food anyway and a newspaper clipping of the incident is framed outside.


Kristen Duff – Nifty Weekend Takeover

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Follow @kristenduff on Instagram

We’re doing something new with Nifty’s Instagram account – every weekend we’re going to be handing it over to one of our favourite Instagrammers for them to share their life, love, city, holiday & cappuccino shots. Hopefully for you, you’ll discover some great new and inspiring people to follow – the first and most obvious person to takeover the account was of course Kristen Duff. You may recognise this beautiful redhead from our Instagram account, or her name may be familiar to you as she hand wrote a large percentage of all the personalised letters in your Nifty orders for the past 4 months.


How to Take Good Instagram Photos by Aimee Song

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Trust us when we say Aimee Song knows what she is talkin’ about and knows how to take damn good Instagram photos.. Aimee is behind Song of Style a US fashion & decor blog and she has racked up over 1.5 million (yes million) followers on Instagram – this means she gets to travel the world, take ahmazing photos and has a very enviable closest.

Love this video she put together of her top tips for taking the best Instagram photos possible, especially when she stands on the chair to get the birds eye-view food shot, I am so guilt of doing this IRL.


#NiftyNoMU Winners!


Thought we would share the #NiftyNoMU winners with you – a big thank you to everyone who entered, we absolutely loved your chocoholic photos which had us rushing to the kitchen to create even more decadent hot chocolates.. Talya’s favourite version consisted of NoMU Skinny hot chocolate + 1t peanut butter + 1t coffee + soya/almond milk, then frothed to perfection with an Aerolatte, Kristen brought the best crush cups to work by Revol – they’re available from YuppieChef in SA.

A few people asked how we choose the winners for our competitions, we almost never have random draws as we like to reward those who have put the most effort into their photos. We then base our decision on the quality of the photograph, composition, filter used, added extras (like a few sneaky Nifty prints) and engagement with the brand for the duration of the competition. The winners this time won the most ahmazing hampers from NoMU, here is who they are..


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