Pizza in the Wild

pizzasinthewild02Seeing as we provide an Instagram printing service, we don’t feel overly guilty about the amount of work time we spend engrossed in our favourite social network. One of our top finds from an extended ‘grammin’ session is LA-based photographer @jonpauldouglass. If you haven’t seen JonPaul Douglass‘ #pizzainthewild series yet, you’re in for a cheesy treat with a lil’ bit of cray on the side. From the Instagram blog:

There is a wall in my neighborhood I pass often that’s always covered in graffiti. One time I walked by there was a random pizza tag in the middle of the wall. I thought it was so funny—just a random pepperoni pizza there in the middle of the wall,” says Los Angeles photographer Jonpaul Douglass, creator of the #pizzainthewild hashtag. “I thought it would be humorous to do a photo series of real pizzas on random things, but I didn’t start doing the #pizzainthewild series until months after when I had a bit of free time.”

pizzasinthewild04pizzasinthewild05pizzasinthewild01pizzasinthewild08pizzasinthewild03pizzasinthewild06pizzasinthewild07Read more here.

Words: Kristen Duff Images: JonPaul Douglass

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