who Tribe Coffee Roasting

where The Foundry, 170 Albert Road, Woodstock

what top-notch coffee with something sweet & naughty on the side

when Monday – Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

image_15A few months ago Talya blogged about an epic luncheon she was invited to at Tribe Coffee Roasting at the Foundry in Woodstock, which is a stone’s throw from the 250gram studio (though a bit far to walk without a threatening-looking bodyguard. This is the ‘hood, after all and it probably isn’t the brightest idea for two girls to meander down Albert Road waving iPhones around, instagrammin’ everything in sight, as we have been known to do. Woodstock is rad but you need to watch yo back). The other day we suddenly realised that things have been so busy at 250gram since January, to the extent we’ve barely ventured beyond the safe haven of the Woodstock Exchange next door to satisfy our caffeine addictions – so we took a short drive down the road and popped into Tribe for a little chinwag with Kate (one of the lovely owners) and to try their brand new iced coffee concoction.

image_13We’re totes obsessed with Tribe’s take on authentic iced coffee, which is about two hundred times better and heaps more natural than the colourant-packed coffee-flavoured milkshakes that too many local cafés camouflage as iced coffee. Oh, and it took all of our restraint to not gobble up all of their heavenly chocolate-covered coffee beans from CocoaFair.imageimage_14image_12image_6image_10image_11image_4image_3image_2image_7Spot the typewriter and face in their courtyard wall!

 Words and Images: Kristen Duff

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