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who EspressoLab

where  The Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Woodstock

what coffee shop

when  Monday – Friday 8am-4pm, Friday – Saturday 8am-2pm

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Out of all the Third Wave of Coffee establishments in Cape Town (a handful) I find EspressoLab to be the most interesting and passionate about the origin of the green beans, to the roasting process, through to that all important final cup. The store is located in the Biscuit Mill & if you’re a Saturday morning regular I’d suggest a stop of here – polystyrene cups just aren’t the same.

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They don’t call themselves a Lab for nothing; the store is all white, meticulously laid out, with rows of large white buckets containing the precious green beans, then there is the state of the art machinery which allows them to ‘take the exploration of coffee to another level.’  The term Microroasters comes from the fact that they roast the beans in small batches, allowing them to have total control of the freshness and quality of the product.

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Espressolab roasts coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives, looking to establish relationships with growers and exporters as well as always looking at sustainable, fair and equal trade. The type / Origin of the coffee is labelled like a periodic table, keeping in line with their Lab theme. At the moment they stock single origins from Brazil, Panama, Ethopia, Kenya as well as the Esp0124 a seasonal espresso blend & Esp015 an organic espresso blend. They have 3 on the go at any time, so if you have a preference for a particular Origin / taste be sure to ask for it when you order. For more information about the coffee currently in stock have a look at their website, they also have a very interesting blog.

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If you are passionate about great coffee this is a place you need to try out, unfortunately there is a limited seating but the coffee is so worth the wait!

contact 021 4470845 email

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