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Vukile Batyi’s Beaded iPhone Cases


After days of jealously frothing over the Twitter feed flooding from lucky Design Indaba conference attendees, we decided to head down to the CTICC to check out some of the design talent at the Design Inbaba expo, which has grown to be the biggest curated design event in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you’re planning to brave the parking palava and jostling crowds this weekend (make like a good little sardine and swim downstream – trust us on this, it is not easy to move in there without getting whacked in the torso by oversized tote bags and bloggers wielding SLRs), be sure to visit Vukile Batyi’s stand in the emerging creatives section: probably our favourite for this year’s expo.


Famestagrammers: Gareth Pon


Instagram has ushered in a fresh era of on-the-go social snappers and this is one pixel party that everyone cracks the invite to, from Barack Obama to the Biebster himself. Even your uncle who just woke up to the smartphone revolution and clutters your feed with selfies wearing his orange-lensed cycling sunglasses that he bought back in 2003 has his own little corner of instaspace. Democracy at its best: mooi.

While Biebs and your uncle are cool and all (well, I suppose that’s a little debatable on both counts), at 250gram we’re somewhat more obsessed with the young breed of mobile photographers who take jaw-dropping images that inspire thousands (and sometimes even hundreds of thousands) of other creative-minded folk. We’re devilishly curious to get into the minds of our favourite instagrammers, which is why we’re launching our Famestagrammers series today. Every week we’re going to ask an awesome instagrammer a bunch of questions (some of them our own, but most of them straight from the tried and tested Proust Questionnaire that’s been doing its rounds since the 19th century, and to this day continues to probe the dark recesses of celeb psyches on the back page of Vanity Fair).

Our first famestagrammer is none other than Gareth Pon (@GarethPon on Instagram): filmmaker, iPhoneographer, wannabe astronaut and founder of Instagramers South Africa. We caught up with Gareth over some caffeine and lunch at Superette in Woodstock, Cape Town:


Hello World!


It’s slightly crazy to believe that not even two months have passed since a pair of tech-savvy, espresso-lovin’ and insta-snappin’ twentysomethings opened the studio doors to what has rapidly become the go-to for South Africa’s Instagram printing needs. As we find ourselves in the eighth week of operation, we’ve relished all the moments spent scanning through the gorgeous shots sent in of everything from exotic vistas to cheeky Boston terriers, and then letting our rogue printers (named Bonnie, Clyde and Dillinger, like any good-lookin’ outlaws should be) immortalise your creative snaps in glossy little Polaroid-style prints.

Beyond the staggering response to our insta-printing service, we’ve been even more gratified by the community of feisty, fun-loving Instagrammers who have amassed around 250gram with gusto, and as we approach the 3000-follower mark on Instagram, we strongly feel the need to share even more of what we love, what you love and what 250gram is all about with the people who make the insta-magic happen: that’s you photogenic guys and girls, of course.

More than providing you with a peek into the high jinks that go on at the 250gram studio (and trust me, there’s no shortage thereof), our master plan is to use this little corner of the interweb to bring you relevant news about what’s going on in the instasphere both locally and abroad, to inspire you with ingeniously creative ideas for using and displaying your 250gram prints that will make even the craftiest, scrapbook-toting aunty green with envy, and to show off some of the mind-bending talent that passes through our printers every day. Each week, we’re going to be chatting to the cool kids on Instagram who make it such a sweet place to hang out while sipping on organic flat whites in coffee shops too trendy to trend on Twitter. We’ll be picking their photographic memories for tips and tricks to make the burgers in your foodstagrams look like they’ve been engineered by Heston Blumenthal, and give the vienna legs in your beachstagrams a healthy VSCOcam-tinted glow.

As 250gram continues to grow at a neck-breaking speed, we’re hyper-aware that we don’t want to turn into one of those e-commerce megastores that completely lose touch with their customers (we’re not going to name and shame because we’re nice that way, but we’re sure you can think of a few). That’s why we’d love to hear from you – if you have any requests or suggestions for the kind of stuff you’d like to see on this blog, please drop us a comment or a little mail at hello@250gram.co.za. Now all together:

Snap. Click. Print!

Words and Images: Kristen Duff